Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation Review Price Photos

I like Inglot products in general and have tried quite a lot of them so far. I was seeing their HD Foundation making appearance on brand’s instagram page quite frequently but it wasn’t launched in stores which is so frustrating. However after a wait of 2 months (or more) I finally saw them in store. The hype was so much that I tried it once and bought , even when I wasn’t fully convinced with the tone of the foundation. I have been testing Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation out for more than a month now and thought of sharing my views with you all-

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation Review Price Photos

Packaging is quite convenient and sturdy. The foundation comes in a pump bottle which comes with more product than regular foundations which is 35ml. The airless pump lets you use even the last bit of product preventing any wastage.

Shade – Well this is where I struggled, along with the Ingot MUA. She tried two different shades on both sides of my face. one was No 82 and other was one shade lighter. In store lighting I couldn’t see any difference but picked the darker one since the tone of the foundation isn’t yellow, it is more on the neutral side. I am NC 42 in MAC and Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation 82 doesn’t match me perfectly. There are almost 10 shades to choose from though.

The shade looks good in bottle but on face it doesn’t looks good, makes me look sick !

Texture & Formula – Very thick, thats what the texture is. It is said to be a full coverage foundation hence the thicker consistency. I used both brush and sponge to apply it and liked the finish that sponge gives. One pump is more than enough for my entire face.

I find it to be quite drying for my dry-combination skin even when I applied a moisturiser. It accentuated wrinkles and dry patches on my face which of course looked ugly.

I don’t know the HD part but in person I completely detest the finish. It is dry and ashy !

I would have loved to see more shades / tones in the range like other high end brands. When they charging a bomb, they should also be offering much more than 10 shades !

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation Review Price Photos

Coverage – Medium to full. Very thick and can offer full coverage if layered on.

Staying Power – It stays on for 6-7 hours on me and fades from nose and area around mouth.

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation is quite high priced at Rs 3,000 for 35 ml bottle

Overall Thoughts

I couldn’t make myself love it no matter how much I tried. It just isn’t the product for me. Too thick, dry and ashy ! If you have strong yellow tones I would not recommend Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation. Also in person it doesn’t look good and neither on camera. I have used MUFE HD foundation and there is no similarity between the two. The later is so skin like and finish is awesome, Inglot one is a complete waste of money.

Rating : 2/5

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