Illamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush Review Swatches Photos

Illamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush (£ 21.50 for 5gms) available from illamasqua.comIllamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush review swatches (2)Illamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush review swatches (3)There are a number of fantastic brands that I wish would appear on the shelves in India.  Illamsaqua is one of those that I keep wishing I had easier access to.  It is fashion forward and does not stick to existing norms, pushing the envelope further than any brand that I have seen.  I am thrilled that I managed to score this for myself.

Shade – Illamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush is described as a dusky rose and is indeed a very deep almost raspberry rose shade.  Peaked reminds me of the colour of Indian Bridal wear, rich and bold and yet at the same time very classy.

Pigmentation – Illamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush is really super pigmented.  The SA warned me to use very little and blend it quickly or else it will look like you have overdone the makeup.  The swatches that you see are all very lightly taken from the pan and yet there is a lovely deep hue.  Once blended out it gives a very sophisticated deep rose blush.

Texture and FormulaThis is called a velvet blush as it is supposed to be a hybrid cream powder formula.  When you feel it in the pan it is a little stiffer than a normal cream blush, but very little effort is required to coax it on to your fingers.  On application the formula feels creamy and slowly turns powdery.  It gives you enough time to blend out completely.  Once worn Illamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush does not feel heavy or cakey and stays put exactly as you would want it to.  In fact it looks almost matte on the skin, reinforcing the powder texture.

When I opened the pan for the first time, there were these little drops formed on the top which I just wiped off before I started using the product.Illamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush review swatches (1)Staying Power – Without any primer Illamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush stayed on me for 3 hours before it started to melt away.  My skin is extremely oily and the SA did suggest I go in for a powder blush as this is more suited to drier skins.  However I feel in love with the rich colour and so I did go for this.  With primer this tends to stay on me for about 5 to 6 hours, which works really well for me.

Overall Thoughts 

My first product from Illamasqua, definitely not my last.  I love the beautiful colours and textures and am so happy I got to play around at the counter.  This beauty was really impossible to resist and it came home with me.  I definitely see myself wearing Illamasqua Peaked Velvet Blush a lot.

Rating 4/5

*Written By Dela