How To Prepare Homemade Hair Conditioning Pack – Henna and Coconut Milk

How To Prepare Homemade Hair Conditioning Pack – Henna and Coconut MilkHomemade Conditioning Hair PackHenna conditioning is one of the very popular hair care routine that is followed among ladies. Henna, especially in India is considered very auspicious too. Henna paste is made in many ways that eventually forms to be a conditioning hair pack.

The simplest way is to pour some henna powder to a bowl and mix it with water to form a thick paste.

Using henna alone may not be a good idea. Because it might slowly turn the hair strands dry. So, it is a must that henna powder has to be mixed with one of the hair moisturizing agent.

My favorite hair moisturizer and conditioner is Coconut milk.

So, the main ingredients of this hair conditioning pack are Coconut Milk and Henna powder. You will also need a couple of spoon of Coffee Decoction.  Homemade Conditioning Hair Pack - HennaProcedure:

Step 1 – Take a cup full of coconut milk.

For, coconut milk, you will have to grate at least half of the coconut, add some water to it and blend in a mixer. Put this blended coconut paste on a strainer and allow all of the liquid to collect in a container. Additionally, squeeze the coconut residue on the strainer too. It will again ooze out loads of coconut milk.Homemade Conditioning Hair Pack - Step 1Step 2 – To the coconut milk add enough henna powder and mix well to form a thick paste.Homemade Conditioning Hair Pack - Step 2Step 3 – Once the paste is formed, add 2 spoon full coffee decoction. This will demand some more henna powder to thicken the pack.Homemade Conditioning Hair Pack - Step 3Homemade conditioning hair pack from Henna and Coconut-Milk is ready to be used.


Apply carefully to the scalp and hair strands too. Every single hair strand is to be covered, so the hair pack is best used with a hair bush.

Allow the pack for 2 hours before shower.

This will definitely result in smooth and shiny hair. This hair pack can generally be used once a week, usually on a lazy leisure weekend.

Written By Chand