How to choose perfect red lipstick

Red is the most sought after shade in the makeup world these days. I too have been smitten by this craze and have been hoarding reds like a mad.

When it comes to choosing the perfect red lipstick, it can be a tricky job. There are so many shades and tones to choose from, all of which compliment certain skin tones. But when you do find that perfect color, you will be amazed how it makes your lips stand out and look irresistible.

Red, luscious lips are a striking feature on any woman, but sometimes it can look unflattering if you choose the wrong tone of red. Often celebrities, runway models or even hair models for RushHair London and New York are seen boasting plump red lips because it is a very striking feature.

So if you have a party coming up and you really want to boast a pair of luscious red lips, then why not check out lipstick color guide below?

Deep berry red

This rich berry color works well on olive complexions. It tinges your lips with a natural red color, which doesn’t wash out your beautiful dark features, and instead, makes your lips look bolder.

Rosy red

This light and natural red tone will suit you if you have fair skin because it helps to brighten up your complexion without making you look pale and washed out like a deep red would. Try and avoid bright coral reds as they are too glaringly bright for your fair complexion.

Orange tinted reds

If you have medium-to-dark skin then this warm tone of red best suits you. An orange based red looks more striking on darker skin tones. Plus, this shade helps to create more light and depth to your skin.

Wine red

If you have very dark skin then you can easily pull off this striking lip color. This tone will really emphasise your lips and make them look bigger. Alternatively, for a more subtle look, try using a purple tinged lipstick.

I hope this article has helped you girls out there searching for that “perfect red”  lipcolor to add glamour and complete the look ..


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