DIY Heatless Waves

I have seen many youtube gurus and bloggers trying and showing different tricks for achieving heatless waves… So today I was a bit free and thought of trying my hand… FYI I have thick hair & naturally straight, I had them cut in steps..

Look at me 😛 … I didn’t want to look dead so I smiled but ended up looking lit dumb …

What I used:
I tore an old cloth, you can use TShirt too, into 5 long stripes..

spray some water on your hair, Divide whole hair into 5-6 sections, take one section, twist it, tie cloth piece at the end, roll it up along with hair and tie it up

I waited for 1 hour, wait 2 hours or more if you want curls to be more defined…
 Just ran my fingers
After I combed them, using a setting spray would have ensured intact curls ….
Tied in a ponytail

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