Haircare Routine for Dry Hair

I am one person who never had any Hair problem before. Motherhood has changed my life….in every aspect . My skin is drier than ever, hair is falling in hundreds everyday, eyebags blah blah blah. So I have made few changes in Haircare Routine for Dry HairI tested and tried couple of products to combat hair issues. Would like to list them down and explain why they are part of my routine now and how they have helped…These are the products which have been a part of my haicare regime for past 2 months. I loved these products but except TBS Coconut hair shine haven’t posted detailed review on any of the product.

Shampoo &Conditioner : I have always loved Dove shampoo & conditioners, but they couldn’t do anything for my dry, frizzy hair postpartum. I tried TBS Rainforest shampoo & conditioner and they have been able to help. The shampoo keeps the moisture of the hair intact and thats what i was looking for. At the same time if you have oiled your hair, it might not be able to take it off thoroughly so you have to use more of this product than you might have used had it been any other shampoo … But this con is the blessing for me 😛 because no matter how much oil i put, my hair used to look lifeless after wash…

Hair Oil : I have been using Seasme Oil from Fabindia and have mixed sweet almond oil in it. I apply/ massage it twice a week, leave it overnight or more and wash it off. It has helped in restoring the shine of my hair. Also dandruff has been removed considerably after prolonged use. It has a strong nutty smell (which reminds of betel leaves). I am loving it so far and might not discontinue using it.

Hair styling:  TBS Coconut Hair shine’s review I have already uploaded…

Apart from all this I try not to use too hot water while washing my hair and don’t comb them when they are wet.

Will keep you all updated on my journey to restoring health to my hair 😛

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