How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

If you have dark circles around your eyes, you are not alone. Dark circles around the eyes are particularly common in people of Asian and African descent. While this was a problem faced by the mature, younger people also suffer from this and the age group presenting with this problem is gradually decreasing.How to get rid of dark circles

Few causes of dark circles

  1. Genetic predisposition: Many people are genetically prone to develop pigmentation.
  2. Constant rubbing of the skin around the eyes, sinusitis or hay fever may also cause pigmentation around the eyes.
  3. Underlying issues: When one has an underlying medical problem like a thyroid dysfunction, anaemia or diabetes, the chances of pigmentation increases.
  4. Wearing eye make up to bed can aggravate the problem.
  5. Age: People with dark circles, the pigmentation increases with age. With age, due to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles the appearance of pigmentation increases.
  6. Sometimes the appearance of darkness is an illusion and the problem is loss of volume and the eyeballs appearing sunken.

There are several remedies available and one need not despair. However, one needs to be persistent with the management. It is also important to understand that the problem increases with age and sometimes, the effect of treatment may be no further increase in pigmentation.

  1. Lifestyle factors: The skin around the eyes is the thinnest. This skin is therefore more prone to oxidative damage by UV rays. It is therefore vital to use a sunscreen regularly and this can be combined with UV protective goggles for added benefit. Smoking can also contribute to thepigmentation and it is worthwhile cutting down on nicotine.
  2. Diet: A diet high in anti-oxidants (brightly coloured fruits and vegetables) can combat the oxidative damage and reduce the pigmentation. Reducing the salt intake at night can also help reduce puffiness around the eyes.
  3. Hydration: Using a good moisturiser at night will hydrate the skin around the eyes.
  4. Eye packs: Used green tea bags can be placed around the eyes. The anti-oxidants released are very beneficial for the skin. Ice-packs or a bag of frozen peas may also be used. The cold helps to drain out the fluid and reduce water retention in the eyes.
  5. Medicated Creams: Retinol or tretinoin based creams may be used around the eyes at night. They reduce pigmentation and also slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  6. Chemicalpeels: Regular glycolic acid peels may be carried out in the skin around the eyes. This reduces the pigmentation, firms up the skin and improves the appearance of the eye area.
  7. IPL: Intense Pulsed Light treatments may be carried out in the under eye area. It takes time but can be quite effective.
  8. Injectables: Mesotherapy with small amounts of anti-oxidants like glutathione or filler like hyaluronic acid may help by plumping up the skin in the area and reducing pigmentation.

Regardless of the option being chosen, it is important to realise that the treatment is prolonged and it takes time to see benefits. It also helps to use several treatment strategies together; home management is simple and convenient and is mandatory. Other options may be added for enhanced benefit.

Article has been written by Dr. Sirisha Singh.

Dr Sirisha Singh, the founding member and partner consultant of The Skin Center, is highly qualified with 8 years of work experience in the United Kingdom.

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