Faces Hydro Cleansing Range Review – Toner, Cleanser, Makeup Remover

Faces Hydro Cleansing Range (Rs 399 each 100 ml) available at Faces StoresFaces Canada Hydro Cleanser Toner Makeup Remover review

Faces Canada is a drugstore brand, known for their affordable and good quality makeup. They have recently entered skincare market with the launch of 3 essential skincare products. Faces Hydro Range is comprised of – Makeup Remover, Cleanser & Toner.

All the bottles are 100 ml and in a pump packaging. Bottles are translucent and you can see how much product you have used up.

Being a skincare frantic, I make sure to remove makeup or dirt thoroughly from my face before going to bed. Sometimes I include extra cleansing steps just to make sure that there is no residue of makeup left behind. Let me share how I use this range and my experience so far with the products.Faces Hydro Toner Cleanser Makeup Remover review prices indiaEnriched with the goodness of organic extracts and antioxidants the new products hydrates, purifies and makes your skin supple for the youthful look.

Days when I wear makeup, I start with Faces Hydro Makeup Remover. It feels like water with a very refreshing scent. It successfully and easily breaks down all the makeup even the long wearing smudge proof ones as well. I use cotton rounds and spray makeup remover on them, then keep them on each eye for few seconds and wipe all the makeup away. It doesn’t sting or irritate my eyes or skin in any way. Skin feels refreshed and clean after each use. Best part is that it doesn’t leave any oily residue behind.

Next is Faces Hydro Cleanser,ย  its a cream cleanser and works like regular cream makeup removers. There are days when I skip hydro makeup remover and use only cleanser to clean my face. It works magically and removes eye makeup in seconds. I have used it remove kajal from waterline and I didn’t feel any stinging or itching in the eyes. It also has a very light watery texture, feels good and hydrating on skin. I generally use a foam cleanser after using it, just to take any residue of cleanser off.

Last step is Faces Hydro Toner. This toner smells refreshing and is soothing on skin. It surely hydrates my skin. Those who have dry skin would love it. Formula is Alcohol Free.

Overall Thoughts

I am quite impressed with Faces Hydro Range and would recommend it to everyone. Hydro Make up Remover and cleanser work fantastically and remove all makup or dirt within seconds. Hydro Toner is alcohol free and is very soothing on skin. I couldn’t find an drawback in any of the products in the range.

Ratings : 4.5/5


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