Eye Makeup Using Sleek Sunset Palette

I wanted to do some more looks with Sleek Sunset Eyeshadow palette but then it went under pile of other palettes and was forgotten. Today while cleaning up my drawer I found it and decided to do a look. You can check the previous look I created with same palette  HERESleek-i-divine-Sunset-eyeshadow-palette-1200x814eye makeup using sleek sunset palette (13)This time I managed to click step by step shots of the look.

eye makeup using sleek sunset palette (1)Steps

  1. Applied NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer.
  2. Applied Yellow Gold shade, second last in first row, to 3/4 of eyelid starting from the inner corner.
  3. Added bright Orange, 3rd last first row to the crease, blend both the shades well.
  4. Applied Burgundy color, next to black first row, on the outer corner, blended all the shades together.
  5. Dabbed some matte black eye shadow to the outer V, blended everything.
  6. Highlighted brow bone using a champagne gold color, 3rd last 2nd row.
  7. Cleaned fall outs, filled eye brows (using matte black shade), lined my lower and upper lash lines, applied mascara.

eye makeup using sleek sunset palette (11)

Hope you liked the look. I will be back with some more soon..