Experiencing Comfort With New Whisper Ultra Soft

Breaking the taboo of monthly periods is not really an easy task in most societies. It is high time we talk and discuss about menstrual cycle which is so natural in a woman’s body. In recent times, the picture has been changing, many are breaking the taboo and speaking about menstrual health and hygiene and also spreading awareness of using the right products. Whisper is one of the popular and leading brands in India which has always strived to unleash the confidence of women with their variety of feminine care products. They specialize in various types of sanitary pads for women of different needs. Their latest new launch is ‘New Whisper Ultra Soft’ which is 2x softer.

Experiencing Comfort With New Whisper Ultra Soft

The new Whisper Ultra Soft comes with extra cottony sheet. Cotton based pads are extremely comfortable on the skin and have better absorbing power than any other material. The product comes in a new pink packaging and pouch. It smells fresh odour. The product is aimed at delivering clean and comfortable experience.

The soft cotton top cover in this new sanitary pad offers comfort and ensures long lasting performance. The absorbing power is better than any other range of sanitary pads as it has special soft pores which drive liquid to the core and locks. Since the top coat is extra gentle on the skin it offers superior comfort. Absorbing wetness hour after hour allows me to be comfortable and the usual self even during their periods. So now I can actively participate in outdoor activities like shoots , sourcing or shopping without thinking twice.

Experiencing Comfort With New Whisper Ultra Soft

We can’t ignore the fact that women tend to keep their lives on the back burner during those 5 days every month. But its time now to think differently since Whisper Ultra soft offers much more than a regular sanitary napkin – long lasting absorption + comfort of cotton.

The brand believes that a woman has to be comfortable in her skin to show her full potential and feel confident every single day. Likewise, being comfortable during those five days of the month are equally important. Thus, the brand has launched ‘New Whisper Ultra Soft’ keeping in focus the significance of ‘comfort’ for women during those five days.

Sit or sleep in any unusual positions, ‘New Whisper Ultra Soft’ will ensure that any of your unusual ways and positions are comfortable too.

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