Etude House Aloe Moistfull First Essence Review

Etude House Aloe Moistfull First Essence for (S $ 22) from ebay.comEtude House Aloe Moistfull First Essence Review (1)When I picked up the Etude House Aloe Moistfull Lotion for my face, the Sales Associate very sweetly talked me into picking this up as well.  I wasn’t really sure what a first essence is, in the first place but I guess I just put it in my shopping basket. 

Etude House Aloe Moistfull First Essence

The Aloe Moistfull range is mainly for combination to oily skin and so I picked that up for myself.  I initially thought this was a toner based on how watery it looks in the bottle.  Fortuntely I decided to read up before using this.  A first essence is the first step in skin care, right after toner.  I am unsure whether you can skip the serum or whether this is there to replace the serum.  Either way, I dont see myself using an extra product daily, so if I use this, no serum.

Texture – The texture of Aloe Moistfull First Essence is watery but a little bit on the sticky side.  I fell a little bit of the stickyness, like that of a watered down gel when I first apply it on my face.  That goes away pretty quickly and you feel quite fresh and hydrated.   Etude House Aloe Moistfull First Essence Review (2)I normally add on a moisturizer after this, so it does not work on its own, even on my oily skin.  Since I guess its not meant to be a moisturizer, I cant really knock off any points for that.

My Experience

I have been using Aloe Moistfull First Essence for a while now and its quite nice.  It doesn’t clog my pores and is quite sensitive as well. The hydration is pretty good and it last through the day.  Even though my skin is oily, its not very hydrated.  This used in conjuction with the Aloe Lotion works quite well for me.

I havent noticed anything really different though, from the other serums that I am used to.  I could easily replace this with Loreal Youth code and that would work just as well.

Overall Thoughts

A nice product to have, but since its not really easily available in India, I dont think i’ll be buying this again.  Also it is very easy to replace – I guess the word “essence” in the name threw me off and I was expecting some kind of magic. Use Etude House Aloe Moistfull First Essence if its easily available for you, if not, any other good serum will work just as fine.

Rating 3.5/5

*Written By Dela

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