Home Made Scrub for Dry Dull Skin – Honey & Almond Scrub

Home Made Scrub for Dry Dull Skin
I have decided to use as many as natural/Organic products I can once the products already purchased finish.What would be a better start for dry skin then using honey in daily skincare routine.I have learned from somewhere and decided to give this scrub a shot. What would you need?1. Honey
2. AlmondsGrind handful of almonds and make a smooth powder. Store it is a dry container and prepare fresh exfoliator by mixing honey in it as an when you want to clean your face.I generally prepare it for two days and store it in a container.

How to use
Apply the mix on to face and neck, scrub gently in circular motion for 5 minutes, leave it as a mask for 15 mins. Rinse it off and pat dry.
Use it 3 times a week or may be daily if you have extremely dry skin.

What it does
It gently clears dead and flaky skin without ripping off the moisture. Dry to Normal skin beauties would absolutely love the results. I can see visible results in my skin which looks much more nourished and radiant. I find it Yummy too 😀

I also tried Honey+Sugar (powdered sugar) scrub but found it too abrasive, and mixing almonds was a better step for me. You can prepare honey+sugar scrub for your body.

Except for the sticky feeling I love using Home Made Scrub for Dry Dull Skin…

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