Colorbar Lip Prime & Care Review Price Photos

I love a good lip balm, my lips can’t survive without it. After an year long love with liquid lipsticks my lips gave up. The formula tends to suck the life out of the lips making them dry and scaly. I was in colorbar store the other day and saw Colorbar Lip Prime & Care which reminded me of MAC Prep+Prime lips. I picked it out of curiosity.

Colorbar Lip Prime & Care Review Price Photos

Colorbar Lip Prime & Care comes in a sleek matte black twist up tube. You get around 2.26 gm of product which is pretty less for the price you pay, which is Rs 700.

Now this is supposed to be a 2-in-1 product. A primer and a lip balm both. If applied under the lipstick it can increase the longevity and make the formula chip resistant. As a lip balm it takes care of dry chapped lips making them smoother & softer.

My lips are forever dry with numerous lines and thats not the perfect base for liquid lipsticks. Using Colorbar Lip Prime & Care makes lips smooth and lipsticks glide on smoothly without settling in lines or accentuating them.

Colorbar Lip Prime & Care

The product is clear with no slip to it. It feels like a perfect base for a lipstick. My lips do feel smooth with less lines and lipsticks work and stay on better. It definitely moisturises lips and doesn’t let them feel dry. Also because of colourless formula it doesn’t alter the colour of lipstick/ gloss that you put on the top of it.

It does make the lip product stay on longer but don’t expect anything extraordinary. It is a good product to have specially when you love liquid lipsticks that can be a bit uncomfortable when use regularly.

Colorbar Lip Prime & Care is priced at Rs 700. available online HERE

Overall Thoughts

If you suffer from dry chapped lips and looking for a product that not only smoothens the lips but also increases the longevity of the lipstick than do give Colorbar Lip Prime & Care a shot.

Rating : 3.5/5


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