Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer Review Swatches

Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer Review Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer Review (2)Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer Review (4)What it is:

An oil-free bronzing powder with skin benefits.

What it does:

This lightweight, long-wear formula helps absorb oil and maintain skin’s moisture balance so skin looks healthy and lit with a subtle radiance. Mineral and antioxidant-rich bronzer transforms from pressed to loose powder at the turn of a dial.

This product hasn’t been launched in India. It was part of Press Kit.

Packaging – I loved the packaging. It looks bulky but infact is fairly light weight. It has a mirror in the lid and grinder type container. One needs to turn grinder clockwise to get bronzing powder. I like Grinder packagings since they give you full control on how much product you want to use and keeps rest of the product fresh.Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer Review (5)Shade – I got Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer in Bronzed 1 which is just two shade darker to my skin tone. This shade would be perfect for NC 40 and below who love to do contouring using Bronzer. I am not a bronzer person and love to use blushes only, however most of the times I use this product to warm up my complexion or make a foundation work for me if its a shade lighter. Bronzed 1 has brown-copper tint and this is what makes it work well for me.

Texture & Formula – Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer has a silky formula and has a slight sheen. Formula is super soft and smooth, I have dry skin and it applies very smoothly without turning patchy. I use this product mainly around my forehead where most of the foundations turn slightly ashy or to blend the foundation with my hairline well. And I must say this product works really well. However, since its not dark enough for me I need bit of layering to build the desired intensity of color/ depth. I don’t use this for contouring, for that I use Sleek Contour Kit.Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer Review (1)Pigmentation – Like I mentioned in the beginning this shade isn’t deep enough for my NC 42 skin tone. I use it warm up my complexion and since it is more brown than orange so it works perfectly well for me.

Staying Power – Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer stays on me for good 6+ hours.DSC02234

Overall Thoughts

I love this product. Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer has super silky smooth texture that glides on skin and doesn’t turn patchy/ blotchy. For me this shade is light and doesn’t work well for contouring purposes. It just adds warmth to my face and makes lots of lighter foundations work for me ! Its oil free so the formula will work on acne prone/ oily skin too.

Ratings : 4/5

*PR Sample