Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review Price Photos

Finding the right facial cleanser can be really frustrating specially when you have combination skin. My skin is dry-combination which makes the task difficult since I look for a moisturising face wash which is pocket friendly too. Recently I came across one of the newest launch – Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash, it claims to be the moisturising one and hence I didn’t think twice before including it in my regime.

Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review Price Photos

Packaging is quite feminine , a pink coloured bottle with pink transparent liquid (face wash). The cap shuts tightly which means no accidental spilling. Also the opening is quite small so you would never pour out more than required amount.

So what attracted me the most was the fact that Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face wash contains Rose water and Natural Honey. Both ingredients are boon for dry skin, rose water cleans the skin & honey moisturises it. I have been using this face wash for almost 10 days now and love how my skin feels clean but not dry/stretchy after wash.

I take twice a pea size amount and it lathers up nicely. It cleans skin’s surface without drying it out. The lather washes off easily without leaving slippery feel behind.

Another key ingredient is Glycerin, which is known for treating dryness. I remember using glycerine & rose water on my skin during winters to prevent it from flaking.

The rose fragrance refreshes the mind. I like how the scent doesn’t feel artificial and quite soothing in nature ! I look forward to washing my face every evening just for its fragrance, it calms me down !

Now the post wash experience is equally good. I like how my skin looks bright and clean. Brighter means it cleans off dirt & oil , revealing brighter skin. Also my face looks supple and smooth. I have had faced the issue of skin looking wrinkly and dull because of dryness, but not now , a good cleanser makes all the difference believe me.

For maximum results one should use Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face wash twice daily. It will not only keep your skin clean but also make it glowing, brighter & supple than before !

Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face wash is priced at Rs 60 for 50ml and Rs 110 for 100ml

I tried the all new Clean & Clear Natural Bright face wash in association with If you want to reveal your natural brightness you can buy it here.