The Body Shop Olive Body Butter Review

The Body Shop is famous for skin care products. Their body butters, body mists, hand creams, body washes, are all very popular amongst people who are well concerned about their body and skin. Here is a body butter review to be added along with their other range of body and skin care products – The Body Shop Olive Body Butter.

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Package: The typical body butter packaging from The Body Shop is a flat circular plastic tub. The tub has a wide mouth with a screw cap. The overall quality of the package is very good.

The product does not leak, thus making it a travel friendly product.

If you pick up a 50 ml tub, then it is just perfect to slip into any side pocket of your bag or even into your daily use vanity bag.

The color of the tub changes according to the key ingredient of the body butter. The Body Shop Olive Body Butter tub is olive green in color, representing the olive fruit.

Texture: The thick creamy texture of Olive Body Butter makes it suitable for applying all over the skin after bath. It melts and spreading all over becomes a comfortable job.

It does not leave and greasy layer on my dry skin. This creaminess is made perfectly to soothe the dry skin. People with oily to normal skin may find it heavy.

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Fragrance: The scent is a different kind one, I guess of olives. It feels fresh on sniffing the tub. It seems lovely on skin too.

Staying power: For me, body butter or any moisturizer is a must use after bath/shower. Else, I am left with ashy looking powdery layered skin after sometime.

TBS body butters have always been promising on my skin, and so is this Olive Body Butter.

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Once applied, it is good enough for the entire day during normal weather condition. Chill winters demand more of this body butter. During winter, I will need at least 2 – 3 times more application.

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter Review (Rs.1095 for 200 ml)

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Overall Thoughts

Yes. For a good skin moisturizer that is suitable during all seasons, The Body Shop Olive Body Butter is a must buy. Use a tiny bit if your skin is normal, and couple of more time if you have dry skin. This way it is suitable for all types of skin.

Rating: 4.5/5


*Written By Chand

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  • June 7, 2016

    Jayanthi Parthasarathy

    lots of chemicals listed there