Blind Testing – New Shampoo & Conditioner

I have never been a person who gets into anything without a proper background check/ researching. And when it comes to using something for my skin and hair, I do trust few brands and formulations and go with them blindly. This time when I was asked to take up this “Blind Test” to try Shampoo & Conditioner of an “Undisclosed” Brand, I felt a spur of excitement, Why? Because Blind Testing is something I am afraid of , and there couldn’t be any better way of overcoming it than to start with a new haircare product. Being a beauty blogger I test lots of products on me, so I kind of related it to it…

I received a small little package with “Love Long Hair” Written on the box and inside two white bottles with Shampoo & Conditioner sticker on them.



Now coming to the question “Do I love Long Hair” Oh Yes I do .. I am growing my hair and would love to try anything that help them grow longer.

I will write back again after using this combo twice and share my experience with you all.

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