Beauty Things I SUCK At !!

beauty things i suck at

I just saw this fun video “Beauty things I suck at” and lots of beauty gurus were confessing things related to beauty where they need to achieve perfection .. I was glad to know that like us they do fail at some areas.. I thought it would be a fun TAG and decided to do it .. Let me list down things I suck at ..

Applying Mascara to my left eye & lower lashes L'oreal False Lash Architect Mascara demo reviewI cannot apply mascara on my left eye using my left hand, it gets all wiggly and messy :/  I always have a hard time matching application and appearance of both the eye lashes.

Also on lower lash line I can not get neat application .. you can clearly spot Mascara dots in the 2nd picture… It looks as if I have sprayed Mascara on … I am trying to master this art but I guess it will take sometime.

Curling my lashes with just Mascara (No eyelash curler)EYELASH_CURLER_eyelash_curlers__curler__epilator__cosmetic_tool__cosmetics_tool

No I cannot … can never curl them without using an eyelash curler. I have sparse, thin and pointy lashes and no matter how hard I try they refuse to curl up with mascara unless I decide to curl them before hand.. Thank god someone invented Eye lash curler and I am thankful to him.

Walking in Heels


Now something that’s not beauty related.. I CAN NEVER WEAR HIGH HEELS !! Yeah you heard right .. Last time I wore them, I twisted my ankle and my husband started laughing at me … I know I wanted to shout or just vanish at that time .. He advised me NOT TO wear something I cannot carry …. hmmm Nice piece of advise I must say grrrrrrrrr

But you would be glad to know that Wedges work fine with me .. I love them and can wear no matter how high they are ..

These are the Three major things I suck at and they irritate me a lot. Who doesn’t want to wear those pumps ???

Do you also have “Beauty Things I SUCK At” list?? Also I TAG all of you please mention those things in the comments below …