AVON Totally Kissable Lipstick Review Swatches – Caressing Coral, Coy Copper, Lovey Dovey Pink

AVON Totally Kissable Lipstick (Rs 429 for 3.8 g) available through AVON representativesAVON Totally Kissable lipstick review swatches photo (3)AVON Totally Kissable lipstick review swatches photo (5)“Full-coverage conditioning color infused with fruit enzymes and a blend of natural oils for lips that are visibly fuller, softer and smoother. “

AVON Totally Kissable Lipstick Comes in 19 shades. The shades I am reviewing are Coy Copper, Caressing Coral & Lovey Dovey Pink . I am totally loving the packaging, which feels and looks classy and sturdy. Finishes vary from Frost, shimmery and glossy finishes.AVON Totally Kissable lipstick review swatches photo (8)Coy Copper – True to its name its a deep reddish brown shade with visible golden shimmers. Texture is buttery and glides on smoothly. The shimmers don’t feel gritty or chunky. Formula feels moisturizing and keeps lips soft throughout the wear. Coy Copper would look good on all skin tones. Finish is pretty shiny that doesn’t look tacky whatsoever. Formula gives opaque finish in one-two swipes. AVON Totally Kissable lipstick review swatches photo (9)Caressing Coral – I am not a orange or coral lover, but let me tell you this shade has stolen my heart. Its a gorgeous coral shade with glossy finish. Texture is again buttery smooth and glides on easily. Formula can be compared to MAC lustre finish lipsticks, where finish is always super glossy , with light to medium coverage. Caressing Coral keeps lips moisturized and soft throughout the wear, though due to its finish, it stays on for 2-3 hours maximum. If you love corals this is a “Must Have”AVON Totally Kissable lipstick review swatches photo (10)Lovey Dovey Pink – A pale pink shade with frost finish. I found the formula not so smooth and a bit waxy. Though it glides and covers lips in 2-3 swipes. I am not a fan of frost finishes since they don’t look good on my complexion. Lovey Dovey pink stays on for good 3-4 hours and like rest of the shades, keeps lips soft and moisturized too. AVON Totally Kissable lipstick review swatches photo (1)

Overall Thoughts

I am totally loving AVON Totally Kissable Lipstick. Caressing coral is y favorite. I loved the formula and finishes of all except Lovey Dovey Pink. They have a mild nutty scent that I find really delicious. Formula is buttery and keeps lips moisturized through out the wear. I would recommend this range to all of you and also eyeing couple of more shades.

Ratings : 4.5/5

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