Ashtapathy Shampoos & Bathing Bars Review Price Photos

I have been using natural, chemical free shampoos for a long time now and can see the difference in my hair. Staying away from sulphate free shampoos has definitely improved the texture & overall health of hair. Also my dry body definitely needed a gentle bathing bar that adds moisture instead of ripping it off with each wash. I have been using  Ashtapathy Shampoos & bathing bars for the past 2-3 months and after using up both the variants thought of sharing my experience with you all. Ashtapathy products are pareben free.

Ashtapathy Herbal Shampoos & Bathing Bars Review Price Photos

I really like Astapathy Bathing Bars and have used both Olive & mud soaps. They smell amazing and quite gentle on the skin, I love how it cleans the skin without making it dry.

Dev Thali Soap has betel leaves as one of the key ingredients. The soap can be used on both hair & body.It removes impurities from hair, maintains and balances hair moisture.  When used on skin it moisturises, while keeping it smooth and clear.

Dev Thali Shampoo has a runny formula and lathers up pretty well. A little goes a long way for sure and I don’t need more than a coin size amount to wash my hair. I always double cleanse my hair and it doesn’t make my hair dry or mess with their texture. It has a mild scent that lingers on for quite some time. It has Hibiscus, Shikakai and Henna as key ingredients that works on various hair issues as well condition the strands. My hair is dry and become unmanageable if I don’t use a hair serum after washing & conditioning them, but with this shampoo I can skip the leave in serum. My hair look all shiny & bouncy !

Ashtapathy Mud Soap has goodness of Multani Mitti or Fullers Earth. This soap is great for those battling with skin issues like acne , blemishes & excess oil secretion. It does smell amazing !

Ashtapathy Mud Shampoo has multani mitti as one of the key ingredients. It strengthens hair and enhances growth.Bringing about a natural shine along with lustre. It works best for oily scalp. But I use it after oiling my hair and it works  like a magic ! I don’t see it drying out my scalp or making hair frizzy. Love the mild scent and how it makes my hair all shiny.

Overall I am quite pleased with these natural skin & haircare products from Ashtapathy. The soaps are quite decently priced and quantity is good too. One bar lasts a long time even after daily use. They don’t melt like other hand made soaps. Also I am quite happy with the hair cleansers and will repurchase for sure. You can buy them online HERE


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