5 Ways To Use Rose Water For Skin & Eyes

Rose has since times innumerable been famous for skin care and makeup industry. Many beauties have been using rose in their skin care regimen. But lately a new definition has been added to the rose and that is rose water. Rose water has a number of benefits in terms of skin care. You can even use rose water easily in the confines of your home.

It contains a number of inflammatory properties and anti oxidants. Rose water is also enriched with various vitamins which are known to revitalize skin and nourish it. And do you know that rose water is a boon for dry skin people. It nourishes the dry skin by giving it proper dose of moisture and then purifying it a giving a beautiful glow to our skin. You can use Gulab jal or rose water for dry skin in a number of DIYs. So, let me tell you 5 Ways To Use Rose Water For Skin & Eyes –

Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal Rose Water - 5 Ways To Use Rose Water For Skin & Eyes

  1. Use Rose Water to reduce eye tiredness or puffiness – Rose water can be stored in a number of ways. Just keep a fresh bottle of rose water in the fridge. We advise you to keep a smaller bottle as in that way you will be able to use only fresh batches. Now, refrigerate it for 5-6 hours. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the rose water bottle. Now, apply the cotton ball on your eyes. Try to follow this routine at least once or twice a day. This way within a month you can see your under eye bags getting reduced. You will experience a visible improvement in your eye’s puffiness.
  2. Instant glow to your face – This is one of my favourite ways to use rose water. But for this you must have a spray bottle. These days you can easily get a rose water spray bottle in the market or you can make one of your own too. So, how to use it? Just spray it directly on your face and once it settles down see the glow. People who love dewy finish must go for this rose water application. And also if you have applied too much makeup then also you can spray the rose water and then the excess makeup will settle on.
  3. Home based bath spa – Spas are really costly. But yes i know they impart a luxurious experience and revitalize skin. But even then spa burns hole in the pocket. So, what about home based bath spa. Try to pour some drops of gulab jal in the bucket. And once it get diluted into water. You can easily enjoy the spa experience at extremely cost effective price.
  4. Soften dry skin – Dry skin has major moisturization woes. So, what you should do is that try to add some drops of gulab jal in your night crème or day crème. And apply it regularly. This way you skin will be much softer and nourished with time.
  5. Makeup remover for dry skin – Dry skin people think that makeup remover can cause to dry their skin further. It can strip away the oils from your face. So, what you can do is use rose water as makeup remover. Dip a cotton ball in the gulab jal and remove your makeup with it. This will serve as the perfect natural makeup remover.
So, here were 5 Ways To Use Rose Water For Skin & Eyes. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.


*Written By Pallavi Bose