5 Step Anti Ageing Skincare Routine That Will Change The Game!

To achieve something it is essential that one should follow some practices religiously. In this article, I will mention 5 Step Anti Ageing Skincare Routine which, if adapted to one’s lifestyle can slow down the ageing process.

Rice and milk mask – Exfoliation is a process through which the dead skin cells are removed. Fresh skin cells come up after this process and make the face glow. Exfoliation also removes whiteheads and blackheads that may have clogged the skin pores. It helps the facial skin to breathe.

An easy exfoliating mask that can be made at home is from rice flour. To make this add1 tablespoon of raw milk into 2 tablespoons of rice flour, to get a thick consistency. Apply this to the face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it off with plain water and while doing so, scrub gently in circular motion.

Rice has the capacity to control wrinkle and maintain skin’s elasticity. The amino acid and vitamins present in it also brighten the skin. Both milk and rice have anti-ageing properties. Milk tones the skin and also lightens it. This mask cum scrub can be used twice a week for better results.5 Step Anti Ageing Skincare Routine That Will Change The Game!
2. Oil massage before cleansing – The simple idea is to clean the skin with oil. Coconut oil or Olive oil could be used for this. For this oil has to be applied onto the skin, followed by a gentle massage. The oil sucks out all the impurities present on the surface of skin. The massage boosts blood circulation and gives radiance to the face.

After the massage face can be cleaned with a mild face wash of your choice. The oil provides moisturization and tightens the skin.5 Step Anti Ageing Skincare Routine That Will Change The Game!
3. Hydration – Proper hydration to the skin gives it a youthful glow. A moisturizer protects the skin from foreign elements and keeps it healthy. Using face serum is the best practice, to give skin all that pamper it needs. Investing in good serum would be beneficial in the long run. Serum should be applied onto the skin in pressing motions so that the skin absorbs it easily.

This should be followed by a moisturizer of your choice. Night time is the best time for skin to rejuvenate. This is one of the most important step in 5 Step Anti Ageing Skincare Routine.

5 Step Anti Ageing Skincare Routine That Will Change The Game!

4. Sunscreen – Sun damages the skin and accelerates ageing. Using a sunscreen with broad  spectrum is a must. Make sure that the product has both UV-A and UV-B protection with PA+++. Reapplication of this product is essential to protect the skin, therefore it must be done every 3 hours.

5 . Sleep– Though this is not exactly a skincare routine, but sleeping really important. A good 8 hour sleep is a must, so that your body relaxes and recovers for the next day. Make sure to sleep at least by 10pm.

Apart from this 5 Step Anti Ageing Skincare Routine, choose products that are natural, having no parabens or SLS. It might seem to be a bit expensive sometimes, but it is worth!

Most importantly, stay away from chemical products as they damage the skin slowly. Include exercise like Yoga ,eat healthy food and stay away from junk. If you stick to all this then you can slow your ageing cycle!


*Written By Aiswarya


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