5 Minutes Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Every girl loves to keep herself up to date in terms of every trends, fashion, makeup or beauty. Right from the hair to makeup girls want to look flawless and at their best but the efforts of achieving the flawlessness take hours. Often time constraints us so much that the only theory comes to the rescue is either a SHORTCUT or a HACK. I am sure nothing would tempt a girl than a 5minutes beauty hack. I mean who doesn’t want to look fresh and diva in just five minutes? Everybody can take at least 5 minutes out even in dread situation no matter how pressed for time they are. Let’s quickly check out the most amazing beauty hacks that could be achieved in just 5 minutes without risking your time patience and fortune.

5 Homemade Face Masks Using Aloe Vera - 5 Minutes Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Aloe Vera GelI wonder what the beauty world would have been without the aloe vera gel. It’s such a versatile product that nobody can deny it. A single product can sort multiple of your problems.
For face: The very first step to makeup is the base. For the base, primer is the basic to start your make up. Days when primer just get over don’t panic just Use aloe Vera gel. It works as a good primer too.
For Eyebrows: to keep the eyebrow intact apply little bit of aloe Vera gel and your eyebrow would stay intact throughout the day.

Talcum Powder As Dry Shampoo - 5 Minutes Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Talcum Powder As Dry Shampoo – During a hot summer day the scalp tends to turn so sticky and greasy. So always apply some talcum powder on the scalp before heading out of your home. This would not only ensure that the heat of the sun doesn’t grease your hair but your scalp would not appear oily as well.

Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal - 5 Minutes Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Kajal As A Gel Eyeliner –The gel eyeliner gives utmost attention to the eyes. A makeup looks incomplete without the eyeliner. Gel eyeliner adds on to the boldness and intensity to your eyes But if you don’t have the gel liner need not to worry. Turn your very own kajal pencil into a gel liner by simply heating the tip of your eye pencil using a lighter or a candle. Let it cool down for 10 seconds and outline your eyes. I am sure this hack won’t disappoint you ever.

Benefit Big Easy BB Cream review - 5 Minutes Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Go For BB Cream – For some occasions the foundation looks too over the top and sunscreen or a simple cream seems so less? Confusing enough? Well BB cream is the best option. You can achieve the BB cream effect without having a BB cream at your end. Just mix very little amount of foundation in your sunscreen and see the change. After this your face won’t look too over the board neither too undone. This would ensure your face to look subtle and even toned.

5 Minutes Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Hair Remover Creams To The Rescue – I come across such abrupt events all the time and to quickly jump into a dress with hair all around you hands and legs in not a pleasant site to see. There are times when getting appointment at salon or waiting in line isn’t an option and in such situations I only trust Veet hair removal cream.  Veet hair removal cream had been helping me to deal with my last minute nightmares of removing hair since ages.  Just apply it to the exposed area and scrape it off in 3 to 5 minutes and you are ready to look perfect in your dress.

5 Minutes Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Concealer As A Base – Sometimes a lipstick fails to give the exact sharp color to the pigmented lips. To achieve the exact color and desired intensity apply a foundation or a concealer underneath a lipstick.

5 Minutes Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Get Matte Finish –Turn any of your satin lipsticks into a matte finish lipstick by pressing your lips and dab some translucent power by placing a tissue around your lips. Your lipstick is ready to stay put for hours without bleeding and smearing.

I hope these quite 5 Minutes beauty hack would be useful for you.


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