10 Amazing Ways Of Using Coffee For Skin & Hair – Home Remedies

“First I drink the coffee then I do the things.  ”A cup of coffee in the morning keeps us going all day long, but who knew a simple coffee could bring wonders to our own skin. It’s time to get our skin some coffee treat.Coffee has various benefits right from soothing the skin to treating the redness and inflammations of the skin, getting rid of any cellulite, not just this it also works as the best source to exfoliate the skin. So let’s now see 10 Amazing Ways Of Using Coffee In Skincare –

10 Amazing Ways Of Using Coffee For Skin & Hair - Home Remedies

  1. To Reduce the redness of the skin – Coffee has the anti inflammatory property which makes it ideal for reducing the redness around your skin area preventing your skin from any sort of inflammation and sourness.
  2. Face scrub – A damaged skin often takes away the glow from your face and adds a layer of dead skin all around your face. A coffee face scrub would help you get rid of any blemishes and pigmentation on your face. To prepare this scrub take ground coffee mixed with some brown sugar and olive oil, mix them together into a thick consistency. Use this scrub one a week. Since coffee grounds act as mechanical exfoliate they improve the circulation by removing the dead skin and brings out the healthy younger looking skin underneath, thus restoring the softness of the skin. Massage this scrub on a clean face for five minutes and see all the black heads and other dark spots fading away.  This is one of the best and easiest way of Using Coffee For Skin.
  3. For treating of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes – Here is quick fix for those who party all night long or work for the nightshifts and end up looking dull and swollen in the morning .To get rid of any kind of dark circles and puffiness around your eyes just freeze the coffee in an ice cube and rub it all over your skin and around your eyes to look refreshed and hydrated.
  4. As an anti wrinkle cream – Who doesn’t get bothered by the aging and those fine lines occurring on your skin? Well research shows that coffee contains good source of anti aging properties. You can DIY Anti wrinkle cream by adding  2 tsp of ground coffee in 1 table spoon of olive oil and little amount of aloe Vera gel. Apply this mixture around your eyes and on any fine lines on your face and leave it overnight. You will see the tremendous results in no good time.
  5. Eliminate cellulite – Cellulite seems to be one of the basic problems that many women encounter and this stubborn cellulite takes ages to get rid of. Who knew that a simple coffee ground could reduce the appearance of that cellulite from any part of your body? Coffee works as the cheapest source of eliminating the cellulite, it helps in removing the cellulite by balancing out the fat tissues in the body and thus addressing the problem of cellulite. Say good bye to the cellulite. You can make your own scrub just by mixing 1 table spoon of coffee with sufficient amount of olive oil and 1 tbsp of sugar to make a thick paste and rub it around the targeted area with the help of a brush and massaging in a circular motion.
  6. Coffee Henna – Say good bye to all the chemicals and bleach to get those shiny dark brown hair. If you ever wished to color hair naturally at home from black to brown and from brown to burgundy but the fear of damaging your hair stopped you from coloring. Here is a natural way of fulfilling your dream of dyeing your hair without causing any damage and sacrificing the health of your hair. You could achieve hair dye just by mixing a good amount of coffee into your regular henna and viola your hair is ready to be flaunted. Using Coffee For hair mask is the best home remedy i must add.
  7. Skin brightener – Mix a table spoon of ground coffee and 2 table spoon of curd and apply it on your face for 15-20 minutes. This pack would instantly brighten up your face and gradually clear all the blemishes and dark spots from your skin.
  8. Hair Mask –To nourish your hair and bring back the shine and silkiness to your hair apply course coffee with oil from your scalp to the roots of your hair before taking a shower. This will help to undo the damage of your hair, work on your split ends giving you natural shiny hair.
  9. A moisturiser – Sometimes a moisturizer doesn’t work right for you or provide you with enough hydration especially during winters. By adding little amount of coffee grounds to your moisturizer can help your moisturizer to go all day long providing you soft and supple skin and proper hydration.
  10. Coffee face & Hair pack – This pack would sort all your problems right from your frizzy and dull hair to your damaged skin. This all in one pack could be used for your hair and face both without taking any of your time or burning a hole in your pocket. One ripped banana mixed with one teaspoon of coffee and half tea spoon of honey makes the best pack. You can use this pack once in a week to treat the tiring face and pollution ridden hair.
Keep giving yourself some coffee treat. Now you know coffee doesn’t just wake you up, but it wakes up your skin as well. Do try these 10 Amazing Ways Of Using Coffee For Skin & Hair at home.


*Written By Mehvish Rana


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